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R. I. P.

George F. McGrath

April 11, 1916 ~ May 16, 2014

May he dance for eternity with my Mom.

Dedicated to the memory of

John J. McGrath

of Washington, D.C.

Standing:  John J. McGrath; Seated:  George F. McGrath and Edward F. McGrath

For well over ten years, my Uncle John laboriously compiled family histories for the various branches of our family.  He traveled many times to Ireland, New York, Salt Lake City, and other places in search of records and descendants.

His goal was to record the extended family tree, not to pry or pass along gossip.  He updated the information until he was no longer able to do it, so it stops around 2005.  If anyone would like to send updated material of births, deaths, marriages etc, or even pictures, feel free and I will try to include it.

Our branch of the McGrath family started out in Co. Monaghan, Ireland, and has spread throughout the world.

All of his Family Histories have now been posted, and many pictures sent by far-flung relatives, thank you!   I'm expecting more this summer.

Soon as my life settles down a little, I'm going to figure out how I can update the books with births, deaths, marriages etc.  If you send me info, sooner or later you'll see it on the site, I promise.

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"May there be a generation of children on the children of your children."  ~ Irish toast


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