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McGrath Headstone, St. John Cemetery, 80-01 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, NY. pp 9-11
John McGrath's Funeral Lunch August 22, 2007, New York pp 9-11
Corey & Mirtha Chism Wedding August 8, 2009 pp 9-11 and Chism History p 28
This is the only old picture I have found so far.  My Uncle Ed is on the left (Edward F. McGrath), their Aunt Louise (forgot her last name) in the middle (she was the sister of my grandfather's wife Margaret Kautter McGrath), and my dad, George F. McGrath.  No idea of the date, but my uncle was born in 1921 and appears to be 15-17 to me, so that would make this around 1936-8.  If that's the right date, my dad would have been 20-22.  pp 9-11
My parents' wedding, September 19, 1948.  Joseph B. Ayers, unknown, Jim Cleary, Rose Papa, John J. McGrath, Helen F. Ayers, George F. McGrath, Mary L. Ayers McGrath, Edward F. McGrath, Augusta Spangler, John V. Ayers, Catherine Mulhearn  pp 9, 11
Generations of Dance:

Rosemary & Alice Faughnan c. early 1940s

Alice married Edward F. McGrath pp 9-10

Generations of Dance:

Alice Faughnan McGrath's daughter, Maureen McGrath Callaghan in 1972.  p10

Generations of Dance:

Maureen McGrath Callaghan's daughter Kristin Callaghan in 2005.  p10


George McGrath Sr. page 9
George McGrath Sr. and daughter Dottie  page 9
Eddie, George Jr. and John McGrath  page 9
Eddie, John and Dottie McGrath circa 1926
John McGrath
Edward McGrath and niece Lorraine VonWerne
George Jr., Dottie, John and Eddie McGrath, c. 1924
George Sr., Margaret, George Jr. and Dottie, at beach c. 1920
George McGrath Jr., page 9
Herbie "Butch" and Lorraine VonWerne, page 10
Margaret Kautter McGrath, Dottie
Michael Nicastro, grandfather George McGrath Jr. page 11
Kathy McGrath Weiner and Neal Weiner, married March 26, 2010





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