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McKearney Family

History (patience, it's a big download)

Pictures (click to enlarge)

John Creighan, Corness, pg 14

Mary McBennett, Corness, pg 14

James Creighan (Son of John Creighan and Mary McBennett), Fr. Gerard Spellman (grandson of Mary Creighan and Francis Evans; son of Minnie & Joe Spellman of Rosscommon; older brother of Fr. Joe Spellman), Bridget Meegan (James' wife) and their two children Mary and Ann, pp 14 & 17

Michael Duffy and Mary Creighan, Page 15

McKearney (McCahey) headstone

Denis Delaney & Eilish Hanratty 1951 Quinn p 11 & McKearney p 13

Denis Delaney & Eilish Hanratty with Ann 1954-McKearney p 13,Quinn p 11

Hanratty-Dundalk abt 1932-Quinn p 11 & McKearney p 44

Thomas Hanratty & RoseAnn Mallon-Quinn p2, p 11. McKearney p 41, p 44

Thomas Hanratty- McKearney p 41,p 44.Quinn p 2, p 11

Margaret McBennett Delaney with children Denis & Rebecca 1920- McKearney p 13

Mallon Clan-McKearney p 41

Mary "Minnie" & RoseAnn Mallon- McKearney p 41

Eilish Hanratty - McKearney p 44 & p 13

Denis Delaney & Grandfather Owen McBennett- McKearney p 2, p 13, p 44

Mary McKearney McBennett, married to Owen McBennett, pg. 1

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